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Speed - Agility Quickness

Athletes will join others in developing their Athletic Engine to be Stronger, Faster, Quicker...Better! Open to all athletes ages 8-13.


Speed - Agility Quickness

Semi private training for athletes and their friends. Athletes can partner up or bring as many friends as they want.


Speed - Agility Quickness

Bring in your team and see the wins build up. We'll develop a plan that focuses on your teams goals. Travel/Club/Rec for the ultimate team building.


Speed - Agility Quickness

Private sessions for the fastest results and most specific to your Athlete. Athletes receive an assessment and development plan focused on their specific needs and goals.


Ray Calderon – Owner / Trainer

To give young athletes the best possible chance for success in sport and to provide them with the foundation abilities to propel them into a lifelong commitment to physical activity. Exposing kids to a training program that fuels athleticism creates the perfect foundation for future success in sport and life. We’re helping them build a powerful “Athletic Engine”.

i XL Training is about building sport and fitness for all youth ages. Teaching kids to be passionate about sport and fitness builds a strong foundation for lifelong commitment to sport and activity. The i XL Culture is meant to encourage kids to have fun while training, to embrace competition and to be their best…it’s about making a difference to a generation that needs leadership and direction to own their personal destiny.


Building the Athletic Engine

Success in sport requires a powerful, finely tuned mind and body. Athletes strive for optimal performance at all times. This success is defined by a collection of fitness components, mental toughness, proper nutrition, and leadership skills – known as the athlete’s “Athletic Engine.” The stronger the athlete’s Athletic Engine, the better foundation of athleticism they can access to express their sport skill, strategy, and tactics.

Performance Balance is the foundation for all movement, and contributes to improved physicality of each part of the Athletic Engine. In action, balance combines the body’s software (brain and neural system) and hard drive (muscles, fascia, energy systems) to expertly draw upon physical balance to determine the movement efficiency in sport.

Training an athlete for high levels of performance goes well beyond the simple progression of strength, endurance and flexibility. The Integrated Strength methodology takes athletes beyond the traditional and focuses on the progression of sport-related strength.It is about understanding the unique demands of sport, individual athlete’s needs, and using periodization techniques to design effective training programs that help athletes achieve their

By developing the specific movement skills, energy systems, balance, reaction skills, and stability required of the athlete’s individual sport, the athlete improves their overall performance capabilities.


Because you don’t have to be sick to get Better!

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